Welcome Alpine, Utah Republican Precinct al04

March 27, 2010

This blog is devoted to transparency in politics, at the grass roots,  in Alpine, Utah.

Our intent, on this blog,  is to communicate as a group of voters.

To share  individual opinions, experiences, and recommendations regarding candidates we will support.

There are four phases in our communications.

First, is preparation for the nominating conventions.  That’s now!

County Convention – April 24

State convention – May 8

Your elected delegates need to get informed and develop nominating decisions that represent the Precinct.

The blog has discussion pages for each office and each candidate for that office.

Please post your comments for each candidate that you have had exposure to and/or have an opinion about.

Individually, visit all the discussion pages to review the groups collective knowledge and opinions about the candidates.

Next stages involve us and our neighbors making a responsible voting decision in the primaries and  general election.

The blog’s collective dialog should make us better voters.

Last stage is supporting  and “supervising” those we have elected.

Post Script

Staying engaged as a cohesive and organized group will strengthen our “Vision” of what is or should be happening  with the Representatives we elected.  A collective  “VOICE” will give us greater power to maintain our influence.


Join In!

Get your neighbors to join in!

Thanks for your time and efforts.

Steve Joseph

Your co-chair for al04 republican precinct

P.S.  I have limited time to get this blog up and running so it really is easy to communicate.

Bear with me in the beginning and if you have time and know-how please help me get it right.